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To Honor The Gods Amid Treachery and DeathFrom all over the place, they've got come to the capital urban of Waset for the opulent ceremonial dinner of Opet-- sovereigns and supplicants, the pious and proud, amassing for the eleven-day-long revelries. whereas greeting neighbors and fellow Medjay officials on the bustling harbor, Lieutenant Bak is distracted by way of foul homicide, the invention of the physique of a Hittite horse dealer, his throat savagely reduce. Bak has no authority to enquire what can be a uncomplicated topic of Hittite politics -- until eventually comparable murders take place in the sacred precinct of the Lord Amon. although this urban isn't really his personal, Bak eagerly consents to help within the research. yet his made up our minds look for connections embroils him in a terrifying conspiracy that issues to the courtroom of Queen Hatshepsut herself. Untold others will be becoming a member of the ranks of the lifeless sooner than the villain is completed -- with Lieutenant Bak numbered between them.

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I’ll be searching out 50 Lauren Haney Woserhet’s scribe. ” Meryamon moved up close to a man with fuzzy red hair. Briefly the two walked side by side. Whether they spoke to each other, Bak was unable to tell. He could not say exactly why, but he thought they did—and he could have sworn the priest passed something to the other man before quickly moving on. ” Hori asked. “We can’t do anything,” Bak said. “The sacred precinct is deserted except for a few guards, and all who aren’t making merry must by this time be watching the ritual outside Ipetresyt.

I wouldn’t have noticed him—there were too many others hustling and bustling around, performing tasks related to the festival—but he was so deep within his thoughts that he stumbled over a blind dog that lays in the lane every morning, warming his tired old bones. He felt so bad he gave me a food token, telling me to get meat for the cur. ” Bak asked. ” Tetynefer’s eyes narrowed, fearing Bak might be questioning his honesty rather than his whereabouts. “Never fear, sir. ” Bak reassured him with a smile.

Woserhet was an auditor,” Hori said scornfully. ” Kasaya matched derision with derision. ” “Priests are no different than anyone else. They can be A CRUEL DECEIT 49 tempted by wealth. They can be seduced by a beautiful woman. They can get frustrated and angry. Since he was an auditor . ” The young scribe stubbed his toe on a rock and stumbled. ” Ahead, Meryamon veered around a large family group and Bak lost sight of him. ” the young Medjay asked. Bak raised his baton of office, responding to the salute of four soldiers walking in the opposite direction.

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