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By Daniel Ogden

This significant addition to Blackwell’s partners to the traditional international sequence covers all features of faith within the old Greek global from the archaic, during the classical and into the Hellenistic period.

Written by means of a panel of foreign experts.
Focuses on non secular existence because it was once skilled via Greek women and men at varied occasions and in several places.
Features significant sections on neighborhood non secular platforms, sacred areas and formality, and the divine.

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Here the gods can observe the mortals from whom they live distantly by means of a viewing screen in the form of a pool. The gods are distinguished from mortals by size, by shape-shifting and epiphanic powers, and by dress. They wear white robes that appeal to the image we (misleadingly) derive of them from the marble sculptures antiquity has bequeathed us. But the gods are also differentiated from mortals through the semiotics of casting: gods are played by international stars, mortals by (then) relative unknowns.

More recent studies demonstrate a greater awareness of the limits of the comparative method, but also a greater appreciation for what shared mythological elements imply (or do not imply) about intercultural contact and the diffusion of ideas (Burkert 1987b; Graf 2004a; N. Marinatos 2001; Mondi 1990; Penglase 1994; West 1995, 1997). The works of Hesiod and Homer, in particular, have been brought into close dialogue with the great epics of Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Syro-Canaan, and, less often, Egypt (Bachvarova 2002, 2005; Langdon 1990; N.

However, it is also known that the Minoan civilization was itself greatly shaped by contacts with Egypt and with the civilizations of the eastern Mediterranean, including Mesopotamia (Cline 1987, 1991, 1994; N. Marinatos 1993; Redford 1992:242–3). ’’ Today, however, scholars see the Minoan religious system as far more complex, resembling the sophisticated cults of the Near East (Marinatos 1993).

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