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The king laid his hand flat on Jason’s arm. “Your brothers fight too much,” the king told him. “ I must protect my kingdom from all harm. They’ll divide it between them. The people won’t know what to do. There’ll be war. I can’t allow either of them to be king. Therefore, I’m making you king. Your kindness has always made you special. It’s the difference between you and your brothers. You can bring peace. ” Then the king died. Theseus and Pelias heard that their youngest brother was king. They were surprised.

Accept d. contrast 4. an idea about something a. theory b. familiar c. necessary d. encourage 5. the only one a. pattern c. huge d. attend b. single B O O Check (V ) the one that suits the blank naturally. 1. It started to rain,____________ . a. it hung on the wall b. so I grabbed my umbrella. 2. When she heard I was leaving,____________ . a. she proposed a party b. she had huge fun 3. Don’t pull on my shirt, or____________ . a. you might tear it 4. If you try hard,____________ . a. you can attend many things b.

What is this story mainly about? a. A dog that is frequently bad b. A dog’s stroll through town c. A content man and his dog d. A village that liked John’s dog 2. What is true of the dog? a. b. c. d. He likes none of John’s friends. He shakes his head too much. He bites when it’s not appropriate. He expects people to be calm around him. 3. Why did the issue with the dog bother John? a. b. c. d. People didn’t think of John in a positive way. People avoided going to John’s house. People didn’t want John to represent them.

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