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Additionally, the signs are strategically placed along the walking trail next to the stormwater treatment system; in other words, one can’t walk the trail without encountering the small signs and their intriguing info-bites. Finally, every sign in this system is bright yellow, making it impossible to miss. 9). 8. At Pierce County Environmental Services, numerous signs each offer a digestible tidbit of information, carefully balancing text and graphics (design: Bruce Dees & Associates, SvR Design Company, The Miller|Hull Partnership; photograph: Stuart Echols).

Biswas, History of Hydrology (Amsterdam, The Netherlands: North Holland Publishing, 1970), 20–21. 2. L. Roesner and R. Matthews, “Stormwater Management for the 1990s,” American City and Country 105 (1990): 33. 3. J. T. Tourbier, “Open Space through Stormwater Management: Helping to Structure Growth on the Urban Fringe,” Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 49 (1994): 14. 4. Andrew A. Dzurik, Water Resources Planning (New York, NY: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 1990): 56. 5. Bruce Ferguson, Stormwater Infiltration (Boca Raton, FL: Lewis Publishers, 1994): 3.

3). 3. In the Rain Garden at the Oregon Convention Center a river abstraction tells the story of water’s journey from rooftop to river (design: Mayer/Reed; photograph: Eliza Pennypacker). 30 Artful Rainwater Design Education Objective: Provide ideas to learn about water treatment types Technique: Make stormwater treatment systems visible and legible; include a variety of stormwater treatment systems in the design Education Objective: Provide ways to learn through signage Technique: Provide simple signage that uses brief text, clear graphics, location, and color that attract people Project: Pierce County Environmental Services, Chambers Creek, WA, Bruce Dees & Associates, SvR Design Company, The Miller|Hull Partnership Making the stormwater treatment system visible and legible encourages visitors to notice the treatment strategy and either instantly grasp it or (perhaps even more intriguing) piece the puzzle together to comprehend how the site manages runoff.

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