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Remove the battery when handling the logic board so the PMU is not affected. The PMU is very sensitive and touching the circuitry on the logic board can cause the PMU to crash. If the PMU crashes, the battery life goes from about five years to about two days if the PMU is not reset. Refer to the next topic, “Resetting the PMU on the Logic Board” for the procedure. Many system problems can be resolved by resetting the PMU chip. The PMU reset button is located on the right side of the board, refer to the logic board diagram below.

Note that the power must be on to eject a CD using this method. Note: Once you use the eject button to eject a CD, you must restart the iMac in order to restore functionality of the CD/DVD drive. If you don’t, you will not be able to mount any subsequent discs that are inserted after you use the emergency eject button. If the CD/DVD discs still won’t eject after pressing the manual eject button, remove the bottom housing, and then replace the bottom housing ensuring that the center tab of the bottom housing is properly aligned.

The top picture shows the video board improperly seated; the bottom picture shows it properly seated. When the video board is properly seated, the plastic socket of the video board slides up to the retaining ring on the CRT neck, just before the CRT neck rings. It is critical that the video board be fully seated in order for the power/analog/video board to function properly. Figure 2 Video Board Improperly and Properly Seated Verifying a Defective Power/Analog/Video Board - 2 3. Check the connection of the RGB cable to the logic board.

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