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But Queen Zalzalah cried out at him, and said "Desist,[FN#208] O Maymun. " Quoth he, "I will have her sing to me:" and many words passed between them and Queen Zalzalah cried aloud at him. Then she shook and became like unto the Jinns and taking in her hand a mace of stone, said to him, "Fie upon thee! What art thou that thou shouldst bespeak us thus? " So saying, she ran at him, and offered to strike him with the mace, but the Shaykh Iblis arose and casting his turband on the ground cried, "Out on thee, O Maymun!

So Iblis the Damned drank and said, "Brave, O desire of hearts! " Then he filled the cup and signed to her to sing. Quoth she, "Hearkening and obedience, and chanted these couplets, "Ye wot, I am whelmed in despair and despight, * Ye dight me blight that delights your sight: Your wone is between my unrest and my eyes; * Nor tears to melt you, nor sighs have might. How oft shall I sue you for justice, and you * With a pining death my dear love requite? " Then they left not liquor-bibbing and rejoicing and making merry and tambourining and piping till the night waned and the dawn waxed near; and indeed exceeding delight entered into them.

Then all the kings of the Jinn departed, together with those who were present of guards; and Tohfah abode alone, pondering the case of Al-Rashid and bethinking her of how it went with him after her going, and of what had betided him for her loss, till the dawn lightened, when she arose and walked about the palace. Suddenly she saw a handsome door; so she opened it and found herself in a flower-garden finer than the first--ne'er saw eyes of seer a fairer than it. " Then she walked about the parterres till she came to a pavilion, high builded of base and wide of space, never espied mortal nor heard of a grander than it.

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