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By Pierre Berloquin, Denis Dugas, Martin Gardner

A hundred Perceptual Puzzles

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It must be alone that thou wilt forgo thy claims, and reflect of whom thou art, of whom thou hast learnt, and what thou wouldst do if thou wert to turn aside, and wouldst acknowledge thyself and others; then wouldst thou cease. ' The Thirty-First Figure 'There shall be such a total renewal and change that they will be as children that know nothing of the cunning and intrigues of the old. This shall be when they count LX, a little less, but not more. * Therefore it is well that we should remember that the time appeareth to be a long time according to a man's lifetime, but as a short time should we observe and consider it.

For many things are written in an occult sense which it is not well to relate. 'Thus is the Symbol (II) compared to a Lily *; p. 96 but it should not be lilies but Toads. For a toad is the first given Magic Sign. But it is changed from a toad into a flower. For even as a toad inflates itself with poison, likewise does he inflate himself who is given to pride. It is not a garden lily but a lily growing out of thorns, that refuses to grant her fragrance to anyone. III. 'There will be distress and violence suffered.

The Twenty-Seventh Figure 'It hath been forgotten that many heads rule badly, and that also only one should rule and not more. This is the cause that they have split up and parted, each one seeking his own opportunity. ' The Twenty-Eighth Figure 'There will be no common voice, therefore it will be in vain that the five consult together. Have care of the futureforty-two and a little before and after will he come and do as he pleaseth, and bend you like a branch, and gird you in a wise such as will not please you.

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