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By John Blaine

A Rick Brant digital experience - a hundred Fathoms lower than via John Blaine

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The leg was a bit stiff, but he could walk all right. He slipped into his moccasins, and went out the cabin door, and turned toward the refrigerator room. There was no need for lights. He knew just where everything was. In the refrigerator room the tiny glow of the pilot light showed him the door handle. He swung it open, shivering in the sudden rush of icy air. The pilot light, which showed that the freezing unit was operating, gave enoughglow so that he could locate the apple barrel. He found a good-sized one and swung the door shut, silently so that he wouldn’t awaken anyone.

The plain one was left, but the other was brought back. Not until a few months ago did we discover, by laborious translation, that it mentioned Alta-Yuan. We also discovered that these large stones were the outposts of a temple. The obvious conclusion was that we had found the fabledtempleofAlta-Yuan , and that the main portion must be under the sea. ” Rick asked. “We can only guess,” Professor Gordon said. “Kwangara is right at the edge of what is known as a fault plane. There is a great deal of volcanic action in the area, and many earthquakes.

Turk Mallane, grouch though he might be, certainly knew how to stock a ship. He lifted the apple to take a bite and suddenly halted. There was a clatter from up forward, behind the door that led to the paint locker. Something had fallen. Curious, he walked over, silent in his moccasins, and threw the door open. A dark form hurtled forward and drove him violently against the metal door jamb. Rick let out a yell of surprised fright,then a grunt as powerful arms locked around hispajamaed waist. Before he could gather his wits and fight back, the unexpected assailant had his arms tied fast in a judo hold.

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